Japan Fishing Show 2015 Event Report

From the 30th of January to the 1st of February 2015, Japan’s largest fishing event, the Japan Fishing Show was held at Pacifico Yokohama in the Minato Mirai district. From the first day, big crowds of both adults and kids turned up to this must see for fishing fans. This is our report from day one.

Fishing isn’t being left behind with advances in new technology

At major maker Shimano’s booth, they were offering a fishing experience using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.


The only equipment required was the headset and headphones.
From an actual boat in the ocean, you could look around in 360 degrees like you were one of the crew and you can have a real big game fishing experience. As a souvenir, we got a Hacosco – a simple device for turning your smart phone into a VR device.


Using a mobile handset, a fisherman can wirelessly control electric reels and monitor sonar. Using the app you can even see exactly how much line has been let out.

Shimano’s camera for outdoor sports, allows you to take it into the water to a depth of 10m and with waterproof housing it can go down to a depth of 60m.


At Hapyson’s booth their portable iBobber fish school finder was on show.


We can have fun making things with fishing too

Roland displayed their “Modela” cutting machine for producing lures as well as a 3D printer.


Fuji Guides produces the majority of the fishing line guides attached to fishing rods that are made in Japan. The rods and reels get all the attention, but this is a vital part of the tackle.


Reviving Japan’s Traditional Arts

High technology is all well and good, but Japan’s traditional craft was also introduced to show attendees.


Lots of performances and experience attractions

At Jackal Bass’ booth, a giant water tank with large fish gave a unique perspective on fishing.


At the virtual fishing experience corner, you could get an experience of what the pull on the line was like from different varieties of fish.


There was even an area resembling a golf driving range for practicing your lure casting.


Famous industry people were also in attendance.

Media and other famous personalities made an appearance to give demonstrations and participate in talk sessions.

Professional Hajime Tamura

Professional Reiko Kojima

Booth “Companions”

Last but not least were the booth promotion models. Here’s a selection.


Details have been released for the Japan Fishing Show 2016. Another event you might be interested in is Fishing Show Osaka 2016 which is a two day event held about a week after the Japan Fishing Show.

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