Top 5 Event Picks in Japan for the Week of December 15th to 21st

With only a couple of weeks until the end of the year, we’re right in the thick of bonenkai season – the traditional end of year parties held by Japanese companies and organisations to look back on the year that’s been. If you’re one of the lucky few at this time of year with time on their hands or you’re looking to expand your personal or business networks, have some fun or investigate a new career, we have the events line up for you.

1. Tokyo Comedy Store presents New Material Night. Tuesday, December 16th

If you’re into experimental improv and standup comedy (either doing or watching) then the Tokyo Comedy Store offers you the chance to try out or to watch comedians (in English) trying out their new material. The venue for the night is Double Tall Cafe in Shibuya. Entry is free but you need to buy something.

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2. The Tokyo Business Meetup. Wednesday, December 17th

This regular event aimed at entrepreneurs and people running businesses in Tokyo will feature presentations from Max Hodges on hiring and managing remote workers and from Yuki Nakadate on the topic of obtaining a visa as a CEO of a company in Japan.

Entry to the event is 2,000yen, which includes food (including roast chicken) and 1 drink.

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3. New Farmer’s Fair (Shin-nougyoujin fair) in Tokyo. Saturday, December 20th.

Japan’s farmers are ageing (and disappearing) at an increasing rate so the Japanese government is actively encouraging young people to consider farming as a career. If you dream of an idyllic life in the Japanese countryside like something out of a Hayao Miyazaki film, then you can get an idea of what it’s really like at this event.

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4. Creema Craft Party 2014 Osaka, December 20th and 21st

If you’re in Osaka and you need to pick up some last minute Christmas presents, then INTEX is the place to go for the Creema Craft Party 2014. Despite the funky name, it’s less of a party and more of a giant market. More than 600 stallholders will be selling their craft handy work.

Entry to the event is 700yen in advance and 900yen on the day.

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5. Japan Dog Festival 2014. December 20th to 21st

The enormous Tokyo Big Sight hosts the Japan Dog Festival 2014 on the weekend of December 20th and 21st. Organised by the Japan Kennel Club, this is Japan’s largest dog event. This show isn’t just for people to look at dogs, you can bring your own dog along to sniff the rear ends of other dogs too!

Advance sales are 800yen while if you roll up on the day, it will cost you 1,300yen. Dogs get in for free.

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